Your custom closing cost calculator is available for a $250 initial setup fee* + $150/month. There is no long-term commitment. Customizations may be available for an additional fee, but we’ve already tried to provide you with everything you could want.
* This pricing is effective for new Oklahoma customers. Customers in other states may have a higher initial setup fee.

If your title company has multiple locations, they can share a single calculator (only possible if all locations have the same rates) or each have their own. The price for each additional calculator within the same company is a $25 discount, as low as $100/month. For example, if your company wants 4 calculators, the price would be $250 x 4 + $150/mo + $125/mo + $100/mo + $100/mo = $1,000 initial fee + $475/mo

Each calculator is allowed up to 1,000 calculations per month. Each 1,000 thereafter is an additional $25, paid in arrears for occasional overages or added to the recurring charge after going over more than 3 times.
Warning: Going over will make your calculator disabled until we manually override the allowed limit. To ensure you won’t hit your limit, we provide you statistics of how many calculations have been performed to date for each month. You can login to your Dashboard to view, and you should contact us in advance if you’re concerned you may hit your limit and want to ensure zero downtime.

1,000 calculations per month is an average of 33 calculations per calendar day (1.4 every hour of the year) — or 46 per business day (5.1 per business hour, assuming 9 hour work days). Each calculation is complex and customized to your exact specifications (wording, ordering of fees, and fee amounts). These limits keep the cost affordable while still accommodating companies requiring heavier usage. We set the standard limit at 1,000 calculations per month because most companies will not reach this usage.

Your monthly fee will begin after the calculator passes internal testing or 30 days after signup, whichever is sooner. The setup fee is non-refundable and is required prior to beginning work. Please see the Onboarding information for a typical testing timeline.

Recurring monthly payments are due at the beginning of a month’s service, not received in arrears.

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